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Some nice low level mountaing flying

Mathieu Rouanet
The 2006 World Champion paramotor doing a little demonstration with the Ozone Viper glider.

Film made by George Nevrela, Parasport.de.
Wagas Festival 2005 free Session video by ParaTeam
Some great shots of the Wagas Festival in "La Dune Du Pyla", the place to be for freeflight fun.
Note: You will need the xvid plugin to playback this file. Search for xvid on google, you'll find it.
One riser unclipped
Nope, you don't want this to happen.
Good that this was on purpose.
Raul Rodriguez from the SAT team
having some fun somewhere in Belgium.
Anybody knows where and when this was?
Footage by Peter Susan (http://www.parapeter.c2.hu)
A funny animation sequence
Click here for the short version.
Lucky or not so lucky?
A guy freefalling for the first time and having a little deployment and landing problem.
Unlimited She's so high
A very nice video made by Koen Vanneste
Don't try this at home!
Some crazy russian paramotor pilots, think they should play with fire!


Get the acro going....
Some nice airshow footage
Playing with fire
I guess when you are bored of plain skydiving you seek other things
Flying lawnmower
Yep, it's real and it gets airborne!
Weightless dog
Would this dog like this?

Can you fly with a kite?
Some guy got sucked up in the air with his kite. Jesus, that guy was more then lucky!

I got to get me one of those!
This looks so cool.
But I guess most normal ski'ing guys won't like that. I know, I'm a huge snowboard fan since the beginning and they don't like us, the..... bastards. But... who cares.... get one of those!.. This would really make them crazy.... look left, look right and look ABOVE!!!

This is where I give up!
Some totally crazy base jumpers.

Just when you thought you've seen it all.
This guy (Yves Rossy) comes up with this!!
(Video streamed through mms protocol. This might not work if you are behind a corporate firewall.)

Mirage Flight by Yves Rossy
This is a must see. The most amazing footage I've ever seen.
Doing this must be absolutely fan..fucking..tastic!
(Video streamed through mms protocol. This might not work if you are behind a corporate firewall.)


RedBull AirRace Hongary
That's what I call low-passing.

This is what happens when you don't keep your mouth shut!
Would her insurance cover this?