A list of commercial Parapente & Paramotor movies that I own,
including a small introduction to the movies and my personal review (score)


Never Ending Thermal

This is a magnificent DVD, A MUST HAVE!!!
Never ending thermal is a celebration of the paragliding lifestyle as experienced through the adventures of Venezuelan pilots Herminio Cordido & Jorge Atramiz.
Follow them on their journey of a lifetime flying with top pilots at spectacular locations around the world.
Highlights include dune flying in France, thermaling in the Dolomites, aerobatics competitions in Slovenia, Italy and Switzerland, the famous St. Hilaire flying festival, the magnificent Zagora basin in Morocco, the Himalayas of Nepal and the dramatic expidition of Angel Falls in Venezuela.

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Review:This is not an instructional video, but as mentioned above a celebration of the parapente sport, after viewing this movie you can understand the addiction.
Excellent image & sound quality

Personal Score:


Instability II

As paragliders have developed, so have the techniques required to fly them safely through turbulence and during radical manouvres. Instability II is an essential update for all pilots wanting to fly at their safest. This DVD will guide you through some of the most critical lessons you'll need as a paraglider pilot.

Note: This DVD is not a do-it-yourself instructional guide. To learn any of the manouvres outlined in this DVD you should be under instruction from an experienced SIV instructor in appropriate conditions.

Review: Very interesting to understand the dynamics of certain manouvres and how to potentially get out of some situations. A good instructional video. I regularly look at it.
It might not be a replacement for a SIV stage (I don't think I would like to get into some of these situations on purpose) but it may certainly help you to potentially respond better to certain events during flight.
Image quality is good, but could be better.
Very easy to navigate directly to certain manouvres, good reference material.

Personal Score:





Security in Flight and Speed To Fly (2 DVD's on one)

Join Jocky Sanderson as he takes you on a world tour of some of the best paragliding sites, offers important flying points and gems of advice from some of the world's best pilots.

Flying locactions: Manilla - Australia, St Andre - France, G.Valladares - Brazil, Valley De Bravo - Mexico
Olu Deniz - Turkey, Mong Yung Korea, Stanwell Park - Australia

Review: A good instructional video explaining the most common manouvres and demonstration over spectacular locations.
Good image & sound quality (Speed to Fly), average image quality (Security In Flight)

Personal Score:





Get hooked on the fastest growing form of flight on the planet. Parastars takes you on a tour of the biggest ppg convention ever. Experience the freedom of taking off and landing on your feet.

Review: The movie can be compared with ParaToys. It is a compilation of a fly-in and shows you the fun and thrills of paramotoring and the overall atmosphere on these fly-ins.
Fun to watch for a few times.
Not an educational video.

Personal Score:






The ParaToys celebration attracts PPG pilots and designers from around the world who unite once a year to fly and share new ideas. In 2003, the location was beautiful Port Hueneme Beach, Southern California.ParaToys captures the essence of what it's like to be a member of that community and experience a universal friendship among pilots. For those who were there, and for those who weren't, ParaToys serves as a record of a special time when a group of freedom flyers came together to celebrate something truly amazing.

Review: This video is more of a compilation of the paratoys fly-in (California). It shows you the fun these guys have and is nice to watch. It has the Home-Video feeling, which doesn't mean it's bad. You perhaps look at it a few times but that's it. The video does not have any instructional content.
However it is fun to view, especially if you are new to paramotoring and want to taste the atmosphere of the sport.

Image and Sound quality is good.

Personal Score:



Risk & Reward

I ordered this DVD, but haven't received it yet.

This should be a good instructional video about paramotoring.

Review: pending

Score: pending